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Know More About Xavier International Montessori School

Xavier International School is a co-educational school operating in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. It offers education from Grade 1 to Grade 10. Xavier International School has about 600 students. Our mission is to provide academic excellence in a responsible environment emphasizing the holistic development of a child, integrating technology in education to make our students 'Future Ready'. Xavier International School emphasizes on all-round development of students through arts, music, dance, drama, sports, debate, MUN, international exposure, student empowerment program, etc.

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Art & Drawing
Moreover, participating in social activities helps students to develop a sense of empathy and understanding towards others, which can lead to stronger relationships and a more harm...
Color Management
Additionally, participating in extra curricular activities can help students discover and pursue their passions, which can lead to personal growth and a greater sense of fulfillmen...
Athletic & Dance
Art and cultural expression are also an integral part of a student's education and provide a platform for them to understand and appreciate different cultures, traditions, and pers...

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